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Additional Professional Services Available

Puppy Basic Obedience Training Elgin
Puppy Board and Train Illinois
German Shepard Puppy Training Cat Prey Drive Impulse Control
Dog Training in Public Parks with German Shepards Dupage County Illinois
Training for ESA Therapy Emotional Support Service Assistance Dog
Yorkie Poodle Mix Rescue Puppy Training For Sale
SFK9 Stay & Learn Programs
Puppy Camp~ ages 12 weeks to 7mo
Board & Train~ ages 8mo and up
Behavioral Bootcamp~ all ages


The way our stay and learn programs work, and of course why they are so successful, is that your dog actually lives with our trainers and their pack during the training. As a result, they quickly learn that this is not just a passing phase, but a whole new way of life. Each of these programs provides a firm basic obedience foundation and establishes household manners. Our Behavioral Bootcamp option also focuses on behavior modification- including annoying bad habits, socialization problems, anxiety issues and other concerns that simply cannot be addressed during basic obedience classes or lessons. Our Stay and Learn Programs tend to be much more personal and effective than other options available as they are done in a home under real life circumstances. Instead of sitting in a kennel, your pup is given dedicated attention arund the clock. We have found that training conducted in a home setting and in other real life circumstances including parks, stores, and other public places; rather than just a kennel, training center, or retail store, transfers into the owner's homes and lives much easier. Most owners don't plan on living in a kennel, training center, or retail store, so it doesn't make much sense to teach your dog how to behave only when they are in one. We understand that you want your dog to be a dog and a functioning part of your family. 

Personally, we have long abando
ned the concept of training classes, or even private lessons in most instances for anything other than basic obedience commands simply because we are not satisfied with the length of time it takes to achieve results. Dogs need consistency to learn, and we just don't feel there is enough consistency in a 1 hour class or lesson, done 1 or even 2 days a week, plus a lot of owners simply don't have the time to practice on their own. We believe that dogs also learn from other dogs, and the habits they pick up can be both good and bad. With that being said, your dog would be trained alongside our already trained working dogs all day and every day during their stay, not only learning from our skilled trainers but also learning by example how to be a well-mannered dog. The amount of hours pent working with your dog during their stay would take over a year to complete as weekly classes or private lessons- and by that point you would have wasted over 12 months being frustrated with your dog and likely with very little, if any positive results!


We enjoy providing our stay and learn clients with updates as skills are learned and goals are achived. We share pictures and short videos with owners on facebook documenting their dog's individual progress. 

Personalized Private Lessons


In between and following the completion of the lessons, owners will be responsible to show their dog clear expectations and to provide reasonable boundaries inside and outside the home in order for the training to be effective. Consistency is key, so it will be up to you to ensure your dog's success in our absence.    

Personalized One on One Private Lessons are available in a package of two or in a package of six. Each lesson is no less than 1 hour in length, at our facility.

In your home lessons are also available, travel fee applies. 

Pitbull Dog Training
AKC American Kennel Club CGC Canine Good Citizen Star Puppy Urban Community Obedience Evaluation Evaluator Certified Certification
AKC Prep and Evaluation for Certification

The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers a variety of training certifications as tested through approved evaluators. Each program has a specific set of testing criteria and required skill set designated by the AKC. 

 AKC programs include: 

  • S.T.A.R. Puppy 

  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • Urban Canine Good Citizen (CGUC)

  • Community Canine Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA)

It would be our pleasure to guide you and your dog towards successfully accomplishing these levels of achievement!    


Group rates are also available for rescues, clubs, or other special events that would like to have 5 or more dogs evaluated at during the same testing period. 


Ribbons and required AKC Test/Registration Forms are provided upon successfully passing the evaluation.

Group Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience Level 1 is on

Wednesday Evenings & Saturday Mornings

Intermediate Obedience Level 2 is on

Tuesday Evenings & Saturday Mornings

Advanced Obedience Level 3

is currently not available


Weekly classes for 6 weeks give owners the tools they

need to teach their dogs in between classes.

Puppy Basic Obedience Group Classes Batavia St Charles Geneva Fox Valley

Level 1 is 60 minutes long. Levels 2 & 3 are up to 90 minutes in length.

 All classes are a 6 Week Program with a 7th Make Up Class Available.

Pups or Dogs displaying any aggressive tendencies will be removed from class.

Kids and Canines Social Events Therapy Dogs Service Dogs Fear

Please contact us for date and location of our next Kids & K9s Socialization Event. 

Events are 60-90 minutes in length. Participation is $10-$30 per child.

Group Rates and Private Events are also available.

Arrrfs and Crafts
Kids and K9s Socialization Events

Allowing children the opportunity to interact with  trained and certified therapy dogs in a comfortable and relaxed group setting. We host picnics in the park, reading sessions, make various crafts, and conduct group walks. Parents are required to attend with their child and each child is encouraged to interact and participate at a level that is comfortable for them. 

Canine Comfort Sessions

It is no secret that interacting with dogs has its benefits. We are pleased to offer these personal sessions to the general public on an as needed basis. These services have been utilized in private residences, retirement homes, long term care facilities for all ages and abilities, churches, schools, libraries, and funeral homes.  

Please contact us for availability and rates.

Yorkie Chihuahua Puppy Training Fox Valley
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