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Training for ESA Therapy Emotional Support Service Assistance Dog


Each of our stay and learn programs provide a firm basic obedience foundation and establishes household manners. Our Behavioral Bootcamp option also focuses on behavior modification- including annoying bad habits, socialization problems, anxiety issues, and other concerns that simply cannot be properly addressed during basic obedience classes or even private lessons. 

Personally, we have long abandoned the concept of training classes, or even private lessons in most instances for anything other than basic obedience commands simply because we are not satisfied with the length of time it takes to achieve results. Dogs need consistency to learn, and we just don't feel there is enough consistency in a 1 hour class or lesson, done 1 or even 2 days a week, not to mention a lot of owners simply don't have the time available to practice on their own. The number of hours spent working with your dog during their stay would take over a year to complete as weekly classes or private lessons. By that point you would have wasted over 12 months being frustrated with your dog and in most cases with very little if any positive results. We also believe that dogs learn from other dogs, and the habits they pick up can be both good and bad. Each of our trainers has already trained dogs to lead by example and help your dog along the way.

Our students are offered the experience of practical training as it applies to real life as a beloved pet. Since most owners probably don't plan on living in a kennel, training center, or retail store, we just don't think that it makes much sense to teach their dog how to behave only when they are in one. We understand that you want your dog to be a functioning part of your family and within your home, so our goal is to help you achieve exactly that!


Updates are provided for owners as their dog masters new skills and reach training goals by sharing pictures and short videos on social media. Owners are encouraged to share and brag about their dog's accomplishments, it's ok to be proud of your furry family member! All our stay and learn programs have an estimated duration but are designed to be open ended. Since everyone learns at different rates, go home lessons are only scheduled when each dog is ready to go home. Owners are required to schedule their go home lesson within 72 hours before daily convenience boarding fees are incurred as our space is limited.

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Stay & Learn Programs 


The way our stay and learn programs work and of course why they are so successful is that your dog's training sessions take place in a real life situations. Training sessions are conducted in a real home and in various public settings, through real life distractions, and along side already trained dogs. As a result, they quickly learn that their newly learned skills are not just a passing phase, but a whole new way of life. We offer two different stay and learn programs, each one tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog on an individual basis.   

Board & Train | for ages 12 weeks and older
Behavioral Bootcamp | for all ages


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